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PK and the Mighty Seven is a unique group in that we're like a family a consistent group of musicians and friends that love playing music together and have been for many years. That energy is unmistakable. We're not an "open door" band like a lot of wedding bands with a rotating group of musicians that don't rehearse together. We're an actual band, and we work hard to make sure every performance comes together seamlessly.


We make a point to limit how many bookings we take per year so when your date comes up, we're well rehearsed, full of energy, and ready to party!

There are nine of us — female and male lead vocals (Sarah and Prophet), a four-piece rhythm section (drums, bass, keyboard, guitar), and a 3-piece horn section (trumpet, tenor sax, and trombone). We actually started out as a Jamiroquai cover band with a residency at the Middle East in Cambridge, but we ended up expanding our repertoire so much that now we're playing just about everything under the sun, and not playing as much Jamiroquai (as we'd like to!).

We've been pretty much the same group of musicians for 7 years now, and we're a close-knit group, which really comes across in the quality of our sound. We hope you'll check us out!

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